​Magnolia manor

Where grandparents go to play!



Dakota is a german shepherd/doberman mix.
She is our certified mascot at Magnolia Manor and is part of our dog therapy program. Unfortunately Dakota has passed away.

RIP Sweet pup.

Anna Sellers

Anna is an Art Major currently enrolled at Northwest Florida State College. She enjoys incorporating her art interest into her work at the Manor by including drawing, coloring and crafting in daily activities. Anna worked as a direct support staffer in Las Vegas where she cared for adults with mental and physical disabilities. Here, she learned the importance and gratification of helping individuals in need, which led her to Magnolia manor.


We have been and are blessed with a long list of wonderful volunteers. Thank you all.


Valerie Anthony, CSA Certified Senior Advisor

Owner/Director of Operations

Valerie has been caring for Seniors in one capacity or another for over 25 years.
From her first job as a nurses aide, to Activities Director for a long term care Nursing Home and then 8 years as a Texas State Ombudsman.
Four years ago she became a Certified Senior Advisor who is educated in the health, financial, and social issues facing Seniors today.
She specializes in creating “healthy habit care plans” for her clients that include fall prevention, healthy dietary choices, exercise for functional fitness, and social activities.
As Director of Operations at Magnolia Manor Senior Day Program, Valerie feels truly blessed to be able to fulfill her calling as a caregiver. Her hope is that your loved one’s will share her fondness for fun and laughter and have a hand in the modest oasis she helped create.

Sara O’Neal, CNA Certified Nurse Assistant

Owner/Director of Administration

Sara was born and raised in the Fort Walton Beach area, and has been working with seniors since 1994. Her interest in this field started while caring for her father-in-law in the early 1990’s. He was diagnosed with diabetes and eventually lost his sight and passed away with complications related to the same disease. This lead her to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and work in a local Assisted Living Facility, later working as the Activities Director and lastly, becoming the Assistant Director of the same facility.
Sara has been Core Trained and is certified to manage an Assisted Living Facility in the State of Florida.
Valerie and Sara met while caring for a mutual client, and realized the need for this area for seniors to have a place come to and relax, socialize and just have FUN!!! This idea blossomed into Magnolia Manor Senior Day Program, LLC. (pun intended)
Welcome to “Our Home”

Scott Anthony has been with us since the beginning. Married to Valerie Anthony. Scott helped get the Manor started and continues to help with all aspects of the business. Most recently he has helped set up our transportation initiative and he is driving our participants to and from.


New Mascot

Bella is a German shepherd pup. She was born in Aug of 2015.

Bella loves going to work at the "Manor"