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Dear Doctors,

Please consider writing a prescription for socialization.

The highest suicide rates of any age group occur among persons aged 65 years and older.

Health care professionals dealing with the geriatric population continually warn us of the life-limiting and often life-ending effects of isolation.

Depression and declining health is often caused by the lack of social connections many members of our older population experience. Experts in the field say that two factors that help alleviate depression among the aged are pharmacological intervention, and improved social contacts.

Studies have shown that social contact increases overall life expectancy.

One of the greatest benefits Of Adult Day Care is that it gives socially isolated adults the opportunity to establish new roles and relationships in a safe and trusting environment.
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If you have a patient that is struggling with these issues, please encourage them to participate in activities offered by their local Adult Day Care, and Senior Centers.

This will have a profound effect on the quality of their life.

Every individual deserves the opportunity to feel needed, liked and accepted.

With respect and dignity,

Valerie Anthony, CSA & Sara O’Neal, CNA
Magnolia Manor Senior Day Program, LLC
141 Barks Dr. Fort Walton Beach Fl, 32547
Phone: 362-6556

Just for Doctors

   "As a physician I believe that socialization and physical activity are an important part of a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of depression and dementia in the elderly population. Accumulating evidence suggests that physical, mental and social activity reduces the risk of depression and dementia in the elderly, and leads to an improvement of functional status. Adult day care programs such as Magnolia Manor provide the mental and physical stimulation that will reduce the risk of depression, and the increased mortality associated with depression."


Dr. Christopher Reid M.D.

(Magnolia Manor Board Member)