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Club Magnolia Testimonials

“Magnolia Day Care is an absolute godsend blessing to our family!  Our mother is diagnosed with severe dementia and looks forward to going to Magnolia every day.  If fact, if they were open on the weekends mother would want to go.  Ms. Sara, Ms. Valerie, and other team members genuinely love and care for those loved one’s in trusted to their care.  The communication and updates on mom are superb.  In fact, other organizations can learn a lesson from Magnolia in this area!  I believe the various activities they provide has contributed to mom’s overall wellbeing.  We have NOT found a better care facility for mother!  Do yourself and your loved one a favor and become part of the Magnolia Day Care family!”

Craig and Alberta

I cannot begin to explain to others in my situation, caregivers for a parent or spouse with Alzheimer’s and / or dementia, what a true blessing your love and attention has meant to my mother and me.

I want to express a heartfelt thanks for the individual TLC you both have provided my mother over this last year and the peace of mind for myself knowing she is in a safe, fun, and loving environment.

After living with us for 6 months, I really started to need a weekly break. Everyone told me at Support group meetings “take care of yourself or you’ll be exhausted and won’t be able to care for anyone.”

Still, it wasn’t an easy decision (at first) to leave her with strangers. I wondered whether she was going to be happy and well cared for by anyone other than my family. Well now you are part of our supportive family.

It has been a year and a half now that my Mom has been living with us and a year since she (and I) have been under your sympathetic supervision. Those days of wonder are long gone and have been replaced by relief and thankfulness for your daycare.

The best part is she arrives at Magnolia with a smile, and leaves with a bigger smile. She is always happy and laughing when I greet her in the afternoon (maybe with the exception of one day she sat next to a loud guy. My Mom is almost deaf, never hears anyone else).

My hope is for any caregiver who reads this letter to find Magnolia Manor is not a tough decision, but an answer to finding the best care for your loved one and for yourself.

Should you have any doubts, I will gladly share my personal experiences with you. Who knows, maybe we’ll even meet at Magnolia Manor one day soon.
Love and appreciation to you ladies!!


Magnolia Manor is such a blessing—it truly is a win-win! My mother looks forward to going there, and we are worry-free during the day knowing she is in such good hands. We are so thankful we found you and appreciate the individualized attention and care you provide. My mother has lived with us for three years now and had to leave many good friends in Ohio when she moved down here. The people and activities at Magnolia Manor have filled a tremendous void in her life—she is so much happier now—and so are we!

Thank you!
Shirley H.

Sara and Valerie – First of all thanks for the pictures, I will be sure to pass them along to all of Jan’s kids. More importantly though, thank you so much for giving Jan a safe, fun, and happy place to visit. She sure seemed to be having a good time today when I came to pick her up. Taking care of a senior has been a new experience for me and having an organization like yours is making it much easier. I cannot express how nice it is to see her smiling and laughing. Thank you for everything you do, you have made a client for life. See you guys next week.

Lisa K.

Valerie and All of her Employees,

Thanks so much for caring for my Dad when he is in your care. All of you are such amazing and special people! I can tell this by the gleam in my Dad’s eyes in the picture you sent my mother- she sent it to me for my enjoyment. I know your work is full of love and enjoyment. Keep up the good work. May Our Lord shine upon all of you & bless Magnolia Manor daily.

Pam J.

Overnight my mother went from living independently in her own home, to requiring sitter type care. I volunteered to have her come live with my family. Unfortunately, I still need to work. When she lived in NJ she had a sitter and she watched TV and movies most of the day. At Magnolia Manor she participates in numerous activities, and meets other people stimulating her mentally. Thanks to the wonderful staff my mother looks forward to going to Magnolia Manor and often is not ready to leave when I come to pick her up. The staff are very supportive of both her strengths and weaknesses. They treat her with respect and take an interest in her as a person. I cannot say enough positives about the senior day program.

Bonnie Layne

What a blessing that we discovered “Club Magnolia”! (as we like to call it) My husband looks forward to going to the club, where he enjoys the company he keeps. Most of all the wonderful staff who are constantly interacting with his needs. We are grateful for their compassion, great care and understanding. As for myself, I have peace of mind knowing that he is well cared for.

Thank you Sara, Valerie and staff for doing a very challenging and trying job.

With respect,

Binh R.

I was recently delighted to find out there was a new adult day care located in Ft. Walton Beach, FL! As soon as heard the news, I knew I had to make a visit to see this new adult day care. What I found were two ladies, Sara O’Neal, CNA and Valerie Anthony, CSA, who were thrilled to have the opportunity to give an affordable alternative to in home care to their community.

Magnolia Manor is a state licensed and locally owned and operated adult day care. The idea behind Magnolia Manor is three fold: 1) give the caregiver a chance to take care of their needs; 2) create an atmosphere for each patient that is relaxing and enjoyable and; 3) offer an affordable alternative to in home care. The staff and caregivers at Magnolia Manor do this by creating an atmosphere compatible to each patient’s needs that is more like a social club, than an actual day care setting.

Magnolia Manor also has a space outdoors for your loved one to walk around in a safe environment. They also offer activities ranging from arts & crafts to Nintendo Wii (a game that simulates several different sports such as bowling). Magnolia Manor allows caregivers to pay for care by the hour or by the day. The facility is opened Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, but the staff is able to work with those who may need a more flexible schedule.

If you have a loved one that needs a little socializing or a watchful eye while you take of appointments, shopping, etc…Magnolia Manor is ABSOLUTELY the place to trust!!! Socialization is one of the most important things for the elderly …and there is no better place to get such a mix! Music, crafts, games, hugs, smiles and LOVE are all in abundance at Magnolia Manor. Sara and Valerie, you are truly angels on earth for what you do – one only has to look through your photos to see the love shine OR BETTER YET – visit!!!

Laura Price

They did an amazing job with my mom because she could be a little challenging, but they knew how to smooth her out. Any time I’ve been down, the crew and the guests seem to be all getting along just fine! I’ll be bringing my Great Dane back down again soon! She’s almost finished with therapy training! But yeah, the ladies care and know what they’re doing! Just make a visit and see for yourself!


I’m impressed: By the passionate care given by the owners of Magnolia Manor, Sara O’Neal and Valerie Anthony, their attention to minute detail to assure their care recipients are comfortable in their surrounding environments, and during their daily activities.

I’m impressed: By the length the owners go to assure the safety of their care recipients: their attention to their whereabouts and activities.

I’m impressed: By the owners concern about the health and well being of their clients.

I’m impressed: By the owners recognition of the clients families and their concerns for their loved ones.

Leo Wilson